Global GIS Data & Mapping for the Energy Industry

Welcome to Hart Energy Mapping & Data Services (Rextag).
Global Energy GIS Data

For years Rextag had been a leader providing the energy industry with excellent mapping products and services, now as a part of Hart Energy, one of the largest energy publishing companies in the US, Rextag joins a larger and stronger family of global energy products.

Our Products and Services all tie into our main proprietary database that we diligently maintain and update daily: our mapping GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Rextag's Global Energy GIS database is the foundation for all our printed map products and custom mapping, it consist of the most complete database or energy infrastructure in North America and the rest of the world. Additionally, companies can license the right to use our Global GIS database for your own internal mapping needs.


Our main Products & Services include

  • Global Energy GIS Mapping Data
  • Web-based Mapping Services
  • Printed Energy Maps
  • Custom Energy Mapping Services
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